Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Ichawaynochaway Creek, Newton, GA

When, "Our thoughts and
prayers are with you."
becomes the end and
not the means,
we have lost
our spiritual momentum.

   Too often, we see prayer
   as a request for God
   to move, so we don't have to.

      The core of prayer is
      a shifting of hearts;
      primarily our own.

         We speak our angst,
         cry our frustration,
         groan the unspeakable;

      and in the stillness between
      syllables, tears, and breaths,
      a different note vibrates.

   Maybe it's a new note,
   perhaps a dissonant one;
   but, always, it calls us
   toward the circle.

Whatever else we imagine
it to be, prayer is a request
for inclusion in the sacred journey.

If you're willing to move,
but don't know where or how,
let your heart speak.

The rest is not up to you,
but you will likely
find yourself up to it.

© 2016 Todd Jenkins

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