Thursday, January 29, 2015


One day you're going
to walk into a fast food restaurant
or pull up to the drive-thru
order-speaker and,

instead of asking you
if you want to upgrade
or super-size your order,
they're going to ask you
if you want to downgrade
or minimize your order.

And when they do,
it's going to cause you
to pause and realize
that this is a choice
for more than a particular meal.

 It's about your whole life.
At that very moment,
to quote a radical
first century rabbi,
the realm of God
will be near; very near you.

Pray that, when this happens,
you'll have the courage
and wisdom to be still
in the presence
of that sacred moment
long enough to begin
to be transformed by it.

© 2015 Todd Jenkins

Monday, January 26, 2015


Our lives tell a story.
There is a gospel that
the living of our days proclaims.

What is the story
to which your existence
and purpose point?

Pray that, when your
last breath is drawn,
the narrative remembered
is one that hopes the world
into a better place;

that your words, actions,
and even your presence,
in some small and tangible way,

birthed love, revealed grace,
and added an imperfect row
to the warp and woof
of the universe's tapestry
of mercy and forgiveness.

© 2015 Todd Jenkins

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Photo by Lee Lindsey McKinney

O God, we are better at re-voking than in-voking, but here we are to do it anyway. At first blush, it seems presumptuous, if not ignorant, to think that we have either the power or the need to somehow conjure your presence with our words. We can't. But what we can do is to consciously make room in our hearts and minds, and slow down long enough to recognize your already-here-ness. Let us, then, in a brief absence of words and an attention to breath, find and rest in your presence. Amen.

Let there be fire! Let there be light and warmth, O Lord, and let it dance its precarious flicker in front of us for the rest of worship, so that we may be reminded of the fragility of life; so that we may see and feel the light and warmth of your love; so that we may live and breathe that fire and warmth every day; through Jesus Christ. The light of the world. Amen.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Come and See

“Come and see.”
says the spider to the fly.
“Reach out and touch my web,
and you will surely die.”

“Come and see.”
says the serpent to Ms Eve.
“The fruit that makes you God,
will also make you leave.”

“Come and see.”
says El to Abram’s clan.
“I don’t even have a map,
just a daily travel plan.”

“Come and see.”
says I-AM to shepherd Mose.
“My fire has made the dirt
sacred to your very toes.”

“Come and see.”
says Yahweh to Pharaoh.
“The sea will wash away
the remnants of ego.”

“Come and see.”
says Dave to Philistia’s giant.
“I’ll rock your soul to sleep
and make your troops compliant.”

“Come and see.”
says Jesus to John’s guys.
“The kingdom has arrived.
See with your own eyes.”

“Come and see.”
says the woman at the well.
“The source of Living Water
did my life’s story tell.”

“Come and see.”
the gospel calls us now.
“Dare to let completely go.
The story will show you how.”

“Come and see.”
the Spirit whispers low.
“I’ll set your soul on fire,
and then God’s wind will blow.”

“Come and see.”
is all we have to say;
a three word invitation
to show others the way.

“Come and see
the way our lives have changed.
Our plans and expectations
are by God now rearranged.”

“Come and see.
It’s the only way to grow
into the very beings
who’re both known by God and know.”

© 2007 Todd Jenkins

Thursday, January 15, 2015


In the solemnity of our settledness
we carefully intone pitch-perfect alleluias
precisely by way of the measure
for which they were written.

And we are quieted
at a comfortable,
if somewhat-surface level.

Then comes the unleashing
of chaotic circumstances
beyond our ability to preconceive.

And we hang on for the ride,
not sure where the next breath
will come from, much less
the next step or note.

Somehow, some way,
eventually someday,
we come up for air and realize
that life will go on.

In this sunrise, the music
that rises from deep within
is more powerful,
even if less measured.

It becomes a wild
and glorious hallelujah,
pitched and timed only
by hope's unfettered unleashing;
we’re singing in the key of grace.
Photo by Becky Johnson
 © 2015 Todd Jenkins

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


There really is no such thing
as personal blessing.

Each instance of divine gifting
is scripted within a story
of ever-expanding community;

and all attempts at circling
the wagons in order to increase
individual status and portfolio
 will inevitably diminish the narrative.
Photo by DeEtta Harris Jenkins

© 2015 Todd Jenkins

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Aha Journey

It wasn't an "aha moment" for the Magi;
maybe even a stretch to call it aha at all.
 They had been studying and
preparing their whole lives.

After all, gold, frankincense, and myrrh
are not exactly ATM withdrawals
for a last minute road trip.

Herod and his cadre of scholars
had a chance to experience it
as an aha but their reaction
indicates it was more of an "Oh no!".

At how many points along the journey
did one or more of them want to quit?
How close did the gifts come
to succumbing to Pawn Stars,
financing this trip without defined end?

Would that we might commit
our whole selves to a journey
toward a divine revelation
of such eureka proportions!

Let us, this Day of Epiphany,
begin again, whether
for the first time or ninetieth,
our own collective aha journey,
and may it not so much
feel like aha as "Yes, yes!"

Photo by Todd Jenkins

© 2015 Todd Jenkins

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Available Early 2015

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