Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mom the Invincible

This was written for a friend's mom who recently underwent a "medical procedure."

At her age it surely seems
“the I’s” her middle name.
From everlasting she has been
to endless years the same.

The Dr. says it is only
a simple procedure,
but when it is your mom at risk
you want to be quite sure.

I know she’s not invincible
and surely, so does she.
So, hold her in your palm dear God,
she means the world to me.


© 2010 Todd Jenkins

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ordinary Ministry

We work, play, and casually interact with people every day who have unspeakable tragedy lurking just beneath the surface of their lives. Sometimes we’re on the other end and the tragedy is our own. Most of the time there's no longer a visible indication of this suffering but, occasionally (more often than we probably realize), there are "thin places" where the fresh coat of "normal" does not completely hide what has been buried in the shallow ground.

We stub our metaphorical toe on another’s invisible pain. We accidentally rake across non-sequiturs of rage, anger, or shock. Momentary silence creates a complete change of subject. Punctuation’s pause opens the door to overflowing catacombs of emotion.

Pay attention! These are the places where we can rise to the occasion and be fully present. These are the times for which we are created. These are the experiences by which, if we can resist the reflex of withdrawal, we are warmed by love and soldered together by God’s healing touch. These are the foundational blocks of the priesthood of all believers. These are the blessed sacraments of ordinary ministry.

© 2010 Todd Jenkins