Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Whenever something precious is taken,
but especially life itself,
we find ourselves inhaling sharply,
yet all the breath in the world
is not able to inflate our spirits
against this violation of theft.

God the only one
to and against whom
charges can be filed;
flying in the face of polite society,
file we must.

“Here we are, your children,
at your mercy for even daily bread!
How is it then, that we
are supposed to survive this loss?

Take this our impassioned ire,
drive it into your holy heart,
let its fireworks there erupt.

We can do nothing less
and nothing more ourselves,

until you hope us once again!”

© 2012 Todd Jenkins

Monday, March 26, 2012

Transform or Transfer?

How did we move so far away from our potential for “transformation” and become such an addicted “transfer nation”? From the corporate ladder to ever-increasing speeds and methods of transportation, we are forever climbing and racing toward something and somewhere, and seldom aware of where we are in any given moment. It is as if we believe that success, and maybe even life itself, are defined and measured by kinetic energy. 

Because we accept the second law of thermodynamics, which posits that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, perhaps we have convinced ourselves that we have improved on Descartes. It’s not, “Cogito ergo sum” – “I think, therefore, I am.” but “Agitatio ergo sum.” – “I move, therefore I am.” The key to our existence, in which we need to rest and reside, is “Deus cresco ergo sum.” – “God is, therefore I am.” Don’t base your PhD thesis on my Latin; just live your life in each transforming moment of the Master’s presence! 

© 2012 Todd Jenkins

Monday, March 19, 2012


What the world is most in need of is a NAP – a Non-Anxious Presence. Those who are comfortable with who they are and who they’re not, regardless of whom they’re with; those who live by their own expectations and allow others to do the same; those who live as witnesses and not judges – these are the people whose non-anxious presence is a gift that gently ripples grace across the pond of the universe. I’m working on my NAP. The world is wanting and waiting. Go ahead, get your NAP on.

© 2012 Todd Jenkins

Friday, March 16, 2012

Beyond Success

What word would we, in the Church, choose to supplant the thoroughly-co-opted (by economy and industry) word "success"? Will it be a word that pairs easily with "measure"? If it does, what will be the "units" that become significant for us? We probably don’t want to declare it immeasurable, but we may choose to redefine the scale and/or units. What units are on the scales that matter in your life? Pounds (weight), currency (money), degrees (education)? 

I’d say most of the units on the scales that matter are “string units”: strings on the musical instruments of our lives that give us the opportunity to play (and live) beautiful music with others in both our dissonance and harmony; strings on the web of life that connect us; multi-colored threads that weave us into the tapestry of God’s amazing gift; strings woven together to form the ropes in which we tie knots and toss to one another when we are too close to the edge, so that we can be pulled back into the safety of grace and community.

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Albert Einstein

© 2012 Todd Jenkins